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I recently commissioned OPEK to replace our roof hung gas heaters/coolers. They were very old, very noisy and although reasonably efficient at heating, were pretty much redundant when in cooling mode. Although the factory has roof extraction and wall vents, what we desperately needed was an efficient mode of cooling and heating for the teams on the production floor. As we have a sock system in place at our other but much newer Somerset factory, it was a no brainer as they say to install a sock system at the Rookery.

Opek came to site on several occasions , they fully understood my requirements and worked closely with me on the aesthetics of the system.

We worked very closely with Opek in terms of installation, as this needed to take place outside of operational hours to ensure the safety of our production teams and the Opek team and also to ensure no disruption to our production. The installation team, are a credit to the Opek team. Opek worked very closely with our various team leaders on almost a daily basis to understand what his team could move at night to install the system. They were clean and tidy and apart from their little work compound and the appearance of kit in the roof space every day, you wouldn’t have known they were on site.

So far so good, the system is heating my shop floor beautifully, looking forward to seeing what the cooling side can do to when the sun is beating down.

All in all, a pretty smooth project, with the desired end result, certainly from the heating side. I would have no hesitation in recommending Opek.