Air Conditioning Systems

We provide a full design and installation service for commercial environments.

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

  • Offices

  • Retail

Our latest equipment and skilled team will help you create a work environment that keeps your workforce happy and comfortable. Our air conditioning systems provides all year-round heating and cooling control whilst eliminating pollutants such as pollen.


Commercial environments (canteens, classrooms, toilets) require adequate ventilation and have specific requirements to meet with relevant building regulations.

We offer a full professional design service to cater for each bespoke situation whilst taking into account the following:

  • Building Regulations

  • Energy efficiency

  • Budget

  • Air Quality

So, whether you have a specific requirement or need advice we can help.

Air Source Heat-Pumps

Looking to make your premises more cost efficient, cleaner, and greener?

Why not consider an Air Source Heat-Pump?

The system captures the heat from the outside air to produce heat for the inside all year round. With heating oil and gas prices increasing air source heating can provide a cost effective solution all year round.

Air Handling

The demand for more energy efficient building means an increase in the need for ventilation. Reducing the heating and cooling loss within a building allows air inside a building to linger and become stale. This increases the risk of residual odours, mould, and condensation.

Using leading technologies our air handling units are energy efficient and will provide optimal climate conditions.


Doing business with Opek is always a pleasurable experience. They go over and above to come up with a solution that works for our clients whilst delivering the project to the agreed scope.